Data: If You Can’t Buy it, Own it.

We love data and we don’t care who knows it.

Privacy Protection Impact

However, new privacy protections will limit our access to the treasure trove of data we’ve come to rely on from this $350 billion (with a “B”) industry. Powerhouses like Apple and Google — and specifically the Chrome browser — are taking steps to restrict the tracking of users. But it’s not just data collectors, it’s regulators, too. States are individually enacting their own data privacy laws, leaving the companies that rely on that data, well, at a loss.

Rejoice! It’s not all doom and gloom.

Rather than advertisers purchasing and solely relying on the data of other networks and platforms, companies can build and leverage their very own warehouse of data. Doing so will allow them to better understand their customer base and improve interactions with those who are most faithful. It will also feed and inform the development of additional personas and prospective audiences. By looking at your Google Analytics, email lists and social channels you can glean helpful information about who is engaging with you, what types of content they prefer and what devices they use, just to name a few. Businesses that take back control of this data can improve who, when, where and why they target.

Take back your data.

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